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I was surprised to learn that female octopuses cripple themselves after laying eggs . Why why did nature arrange it this way?

S. Travkina, Perm

Self-destruction of octopuses is associated with an excess of cholesterol. Photo: pixabay.com

Scientists have long been interested in the mechanism of self-destruction of these cephalopods: shortly after mating, male octopuses die, and females care laying eggs, but torment themselves with hunger and age quickly, and sometimes injure themselves, after which they also die.

Recently, biologists from the University of Chicago found that the self-destruction of octopuses is associated with changes in cholesterol metabolism in their optic glands. This organ is located between the eyes of the animal and is similar to the pituitary gland in humans. Mating seems to change the biochemical reactions in the gland, and it begins to secrete more sex hormones, insulin-like hormones, and cholesterol precursors.  Cholesterol is important from a dietary point of view, and  ;various signaling systems of the body, — says molecular biologist Yan Wang, one of the authors of the study.  It is involved in everything from flexibility of cell membranes to the production of stress hormones,but it was a big surprise to see that it also influences span of the lifecycle».

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