The President of Russia signed a law, according to which tour operators will be required to enter information about vouchers in a unified information system of electronic vouchers. According to the text of the adopted law, the electronic voucher will appear already from September 2022.

Without transferring information to the “Electronic voucher” system; the tour operator and  travel agent will not be able to conduct their activities. In case of violation of the deadline for transfer or transfer of false, incomplete information, the tour operator may be excluded from the federal register.

What is an electronic ticket?

Electronic voucher — this is a document generated in electronic form in the unified information system of electronic vouchers based on the information contained in agreement on realization of the tourist product.

Tour operators will enter into the unified state information system (EIS ES ) all data about booking and payment of the tour package. There will be no payment for the operation and development of the system with tourists and tour operators.

Why do I need an electronic ticket?

An electronic ticket will be issued and entered into the system for each tour. It will have a unique number. Data about buyers and information about their journey will be reflected in the form of a QR-code.

The number of the electronic voucher is transferred to the customer of the tour by the tour operator/travel agent after entering the information about the tour into the system. Using this number, the tourist will be able to track the status and parameters of his tour online, in particular, whether the money was received from the agent to the operator, whether the ticket was issued, etc. Also, the number will be required by the tourist in the case of contacting the tour operator's personal responsibility fund at the Tourist Assistance Association. in case of non-fulfillment by the tour operator of its obligations.

The system should ensure the uninterrupted exchange of information between the Federal Tourism Agency, Rospotrebnadzor, the Financial Guarantee Fund, the Federal Tax Service, banks and insurance companies, tour operators and providers of travel services.


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