So Come on, take a walk with me
Walk away, into my park and disappears
The rain will hide your tears tonight
But you will walk alone from now on

I ́m Lost, Lost in my faith, Lost in the Falling rain
Lost With you, Lost in this mirage of pain

Every door of this garden is closed
If we walk in circles we can never go out
I know it ́s the last time that we see us
You want to fade out of my life when I really need you

If I could find the time before I loose my mind
Why you try to apart when I want to find

Lost in my way, Lost in the Razor Blade
Lost without you, Lost in the Space

Lost in the garden
Lost in the way
Lost in the night
Lost in the space
Lost in the park
Lost in the rain
Lost in the dark
Lost in disgrace

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