Sal Houdini – Parlé Lyrics

Play this song (Verse 1) Maybe I’m insane, or I’m stupid in love Maybe it’s the way that you never give up I’ll love you the same‚ I ain’t switchin’ it up Love is on fire the way you lit it up Oh‚ oh Speak in tongues Weekend’s up And we can’t stop (Chorus) I …

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Future – Low Life (feat. The Weeknd) lyrics

[Refrain] Everybody getting high Getting high, getting high, getting high [Intro: Future] I just took some molly, what else? (Hey) Got some bitch from Follies with us (‘scuse me, ‘scuse me) She gonna fuck the squad, what else? I’mma fuck her broads, what else? Bitch from Pakistan, what up? Ferraris and them Lambs, what else? …

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