Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Neon Cathedral lyrics

(feat. Allen Stone) [Intro: Macklemore] Uh-huh, um [Verse 1: Macklemore] 1-2, now ‘Round here they sing broken hymns Their prayers flow better when they’re soaked in gin The amp’s dusty and sits in the corner By a bartender that’ll pickpocket your heart And a jukebox that’ll steal your quarter Bartender, please give me a confession …

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Pierce The Veil – King For A Day lyrics

[Verse 1] Vic: Dare me to jump off of this Jersey bridge, Kellin: I bet you never had a Friday night like this. Vic: Keep it up keep, it up let’s raise our hands, Kellin: I take a look up in the sky and I see red. Vic: Red for the cancer, red for the …

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