JUNGLEPUSSY – Get Down lyrics

(feat. Rico Love) [Intro: Rico Love] Yeah Everybody get down Shy Turn the lights on [Verse 1: Junglepussy] Rollin’ with the punch Thighs thick as [?] Pussy never fuckin’ like a song If your blunts be fuckin’ light ’em up It’s goin’ on about a couple months You know that I need it more than …

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Bebe Rexha – That’s It (feat. Gucci Mane & 2 Chainz) (All Your Fault Pt. 2 Clean Version EP)

I’m sorry, I’m not the most pretty I’ll never ever sing like Whitney Ooh, but I still wanna dance with somebody (Tunechi) So lets let all hearts bleed, ’til they turn to rust Gonna live it up, ’cause it’s dangerous No, I don’t wanna play the part (Amen) I just wanna dance with somebody (Amen) …

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