Rick Ross – Future Bright Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Rick Ross] The biggest Bryson Your future so bright The flyest shit It’s time to take ’em down, baby Maybach Music [Verse 1: Rick Ross] Yo, (Big Billionaire) Still got the yayo flyin’ in from all the West Coast Fleet of cars all red like this was death row Keep it gangsta, never singin’ like …

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6ix9ine – KANGA lyrics

M-M-M-Murda [Chorus: 6ix9ine] She want me, I ain’t want her, ooh She want me to be her boo You so silly, don’t get it confused Now turn around, drop it low, pick it up, ooh Big bank, we gettin’ paid over here Broke niggas, go stand over there Fake ass hoes, go meet ’em over …

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