Roskosmos can restore work at Ukrainian space enterprises in regions controlled by Russia, Rogozin said. Khusnullin announced on the eve of the work of the interdepartmental headquarters for the restoration of territories Rogozin proposed to “improve life” at the Ukrainian space plants” />

Dmitry Rogozin

In the Kyiv, Kharkov, and Dnepropetrovsk regions of Ukraine, there are Soviet factories in the space industry, Roskosmos; is ready to restore production on them, said the head of the state corporation Dmitry Rogozin on the air of the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

?.. Something that is connected with space, of course. What has always been an inseparable part of the unified space family of the great Soviet Union as a great space power,— said Rogozin.

The head of the state corporation pointed out that Roskosmos could “establish a normal life” and provide jobs for those in Russian-controlled regions of Ukraine.

Rogozin did not specify the names of the enterprises in which the state corporation is interested. At the same time, the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau is located in Dnepropetrovsk. them. M.K.Yangel —the Russian Ministry of Defense called him “the leading center of rocket science” THE USSR. The design bureau created spacecraft and missile systems with ground-based ballistic missiles.

Dnepropetrovsk also houses the A.M. Makarov Southern Machine-Building Plant («Yuzhmash»). With this enterprise in the spring of 2017, the American representative office of S7 Space, S7 Sea Launch Limited, entered into an agreement for the supply of 12 Zenit launch vehicles. for Sea Launch programs and Ground Launch, but in March 2019 decided to end cooperation.

Dnepropetrovsk and Kyiv regions of Ukraine are not controlled by Russia. Russian forces are in the Kherson, Kharkov, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

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The Russian government has formed a special headquarters, which included “all interested bodies” to restore the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russian forces, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin told reporters the day before, May 20. He said that there is already a schedule, “work is in full swing,” it is planned to restore roads, housing and the economy.

“We have prepared a number of measures in order to start the economy as quickly as possible, to establish the financial system,»,— Khusnullin stressed, RIA Novosti reported.

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