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One of the most high-profile events of the first weeks of the special military operation to protect the DPR and LPR was the battle for Gostomel airfield. Russian paratroopers occupied this facility near Kyiv, not allowing themselves to be knocked out by units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Cutting into metal

The paratroopers left there only by order of the command, as as part of a cardinal de-escalation of military activity in the Kyiv region, which became a step towards the authorities of Ukraine in as part of the negotiation process.

In the course of the battles for Gostomel, Ukrainian artillery, trying to inflict damage on the Russians, attacked the hangar, which housed the largest cargo aircraft in the world, An-225 Mriya. As a result, the liner was damaged, after which it was beyond repair.

According to, the wreckage of Mriya were sent for disposal. As evidence of this, a video was provided, in which an armored personnel carrier with a flag of Ukraine tows the remains of the destroyed “Mriya” from the hangar. With confidence, you can say — so they don't drag what else they plan to restore.

What is happening is very symbolic. The authorities of the Independent have always demonstrated the An-225 & nbsp; as an example of a national achievement, although this was an outright lie & nbsp; & mdash; the plane has nothing to do with modern Ukraine.

A big project of a great country

“Mriya” in translated from Ukrainian "Dream". Flying “Dream” was a purely Soviet project, the scale of which required the involvement of the forces of the entire great power.

The decision to start construction of the An-225 was made by the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee in 1985. The new aircraft was built to solve a narrow problem — transportation of the Buran reusable spacecraft. “Mriya” was supposed to carry a space plane mounted on top of it.

It was decided to build the An-225 on the basis of the "big brother" — heavy cargo aircraft An-124 “Ruslan”. Thanks to this, “Mriya” got the opportunity to carry oversized cargo not only outside, but and inside the cargo compartment.

The forces of enterprises from all over the Soviet Union were mobilized for the construction of the An-225. Units and parts of the aircraft were made in Ulyanovsk, parts of the wings — in Tashkent, flight equipment — in Moscow, chassis — in Gorky, the engines were built in Zaporozhye, and assembly and all subsequent work was carried out in Kyiv.

Pampers instead of space

The An-225 made its first flight on December 21, 1988. But by by the time when "Mriya" was ready, the Buran program have already started rolling. An-225 managed to bring “Buran” at the  Paris Air Show in May 1989 to make several demonstration flights at Baikonur in April 1991 and       Soon the Soviet Union disappeared along with its ambitious space program.

The plane, which never fulfilled its purpose, went to Ukraine simply because it was based at Antonov Design Bureau airfield near Kyiv.

The new Ukraine did not know what to do with the giant with a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tons and a wingspan of 88.4 meters. Since 1994, the only built copy of the An-225 stopped flying altogether, the engines were removed from it, and it seemed that the plane was about to go to scrap metal. But in the beginning of the 2000s in Ukraine it was decided that “Mriya” can be used for commercial purposes. Having received a license in 2001 year, An-225 began to fulfill orders for delivery of superheavy and oversized cargo.

That is, a plane built in the USSR for the sake of space has turned into a banal truck carrying everything from diapers and toilet paper to ending with disposable masks.

Everything's for sale!

And Ukrainian politicians have made it a rule to be proud of a plane they have nothing to do with.

Now it's funny sounds, but at at the very beginning of the 2010s Antonov Design Bureau expected to complete the construction of the second An-225, the skeleton of which had been ownerless since Soviet times, with the help of… the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. However, they rightly reasoned there that there was no particular point in & nbsp; such a construction.

In the summer of 2016, there was information that the Ukrainians sold all the documentation for the An-225 to the Chinese company China Airspace. B exchange at Antonov enterprise they hoped to receive money for completion of the second Mriya, as well as contracts for the production of several more giant aircraft.

But either the Americans interfered with the Ukrainian-Chinese partnership, or the Chinese were initially interested only draft papers, but the topic has stalled.

Those born to destroy cannot create

Becoming president, Vladimir Zelenskyalso raised the issue of building a second Mriya. He spoke about this again in May 2022    

“In this case, it's not a question of money, it's a question of ambition. We were approached by “Ukroboronprom”, the team of “Antonov”. This is a matter of the image of our state and all the excellent professional pilots who died», — The Interfax-Ukraine agency quotes Zelensky's words.

Here you don't even know whether to laugh or cry. It's not just that the project is estimated at $3-4 billion. It is not clear how a country that killed its own aviation industry, inherited from the USSR, is going to build something that even in the Soviet years was created only within the framework of cooperation between the republics?

And, most importantly, why? In the USSR, the An-225 was built under the project of a reusable spacecraft. Why “Mriya” modern Ukraine? Fly for a new batch of salt that suddenly disappeared in Ukraine? Or just to show off her politicians?

In the death and disposal of the Mriya” there is a lot of symbolism. Independent Ukraine, having inherited the Soviet  Dream, is not in able to reproduce it, but it successfully succeeded destroying it.

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