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Part 1

My bro got buj for the low
You know that he’s sellin’ them fast
Scars wanna box like Floyd
But he needs two one, don’t ever last
Got leng tings tryna move stush
Said I won’t take her to Shard
Lost so many shanks in a bush
Like man’s TV, they were all sharp
PC’s want intel
If you get nicked, don’t sing like Adele
They just put bro on the wing with the S.O
‘Cause he got nicked for a shell
These opps just move like lighties
How we still can’t see them yet
Done tripped up, got cheffed last minute
Bet he thought he would easy jet
House parties and I came with the nizzy
She’s tryna dance with my like Dizzy
With M, I’ll do it for Kizzy
Kway back, two knives up, me and Tizzy
Splash or send man swimmin’
Don’t be out on the mains all slippin’
I just linked Tom, went on a cruise
But we didn’t complete that mission
And my new ting leng like Rita
From Antigua, real little diva
Got Teesha tryna go shisha
Dead ting, she ain’t gettin’ more than pizza
Leng ting, that was my G friend
Lockin’ it off, she was tryna be more
Fendi tags what I’m poppin’ off
But I spent way more bands in Dior
Ain’t into no banter
Don’t get shanked, get it twist like Fanta
I was in the trap on Christmas
Servin’ snow with the slate like Santa
Might show you how my kitchen does it
Twist it, push that, sh-sh-shove it
I feel tapped, get evil thoughts when I smoke Amnesia
I don’t pray Isha
Ay, Lisa, Lisa
Buss man’s flat, let me out with the cleaner
Free S and Clips
Blow me a bag when I hit JD last week
Bought ten new kicks
I got a older ting called Susan
Cattin’, always wanna wear man’s Cuban
Fist man’s head on the wing like Deebo
Nurse had my hands on ice cube
Went ’round there on a typhoon
And still had a skeng in the ride too
I was on servery
Hear Ms Madden like, “put your plaits in a hair net”
Tryna get ’round there, let’s ride a long
I’m itchin’ to bro, “are we there yet?”
Had so many packs in a visit
I was prayin’ they make it through
Bad one callin’ my phone nonstop
I think she’s taken too
Stolen ped, two Hi Vis too
That was kway back, me and Diesel
How you been done like twice?
When I see man next, I’m tryna make it a sequel

Part 2

My life’s been fucked up
Left school secondary
And I found it hard to trust
Cah everybody’s temporary
Paps told me ‘lay low’
I would never stay home
But you’ll always be the realest
Why I can’t forget them favours
All them closed visits
You were sendin’ me my trainers
Like, stay eatin’ food
Even though you got no appetite
Too much to lose
Lost my phone ’cause of satellite
Starin’ at the mirror in my cell
I used to fantasize
Never knew, one day you’ll live this rapper’s life
When mummy shed a few tears
Rent got new arrears
Summer time caged up
Winter, New Years
Have you ever felt so low
Where you can’t feel no love
And nobody wouldn’t care if you fold up
My brother used to tell me ’bout this road stuff
But I never listened, I was tryna cook my own grub
You’ve been gone for a while, it’s gettin’ so tough
We’re tryna start new, now mum’s throwin’ out your old stuff
Rearrange your room, even where you hanged your clothes up
I swear it been time, now it feels like you don’t know us
And when I book a visit, you just tell us ‘don’t show up’
Your birthday’s Christmas, didn’t even phone us
Used to watch like, I smiled when they doubted me
If you knew my whole story then you’ll be proud of me
Why you think he’s boujee? Don’t you know he’s gettin’ paid
But sometimes I turn off these phones and just meditate
I know that I did you wrong, only right I’m lettin’ go
All them letters to your house, how could I forget your road?
Remember that .32 then we got a bigger ting
I was in the Ghetto when them Jilly’s lights flickering
Pocket with my flicky in, this knife work’s brilliant
Slappin’ at the crowd then he’s due to hit civilians

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