Saying your name was like the first rose of spring.
When I lost you, I thought I’d lost everything.
And the rain washed away, your trail I’ll never find again.

The angels have no thoughts of returning you now.
I know it’s too late to change it anyhow.
And to think that you were, the only one I was thinking of.

This pain I’m feeling must be the thing called fire.
Send Me On My Way.

The axe of love came down on me.
Now you’re gone and I’m trying to see,
But the light keeps fading darker by the hour.
The axe of love came down on me.
Now I lay me down to sleep.

You took my heart in your hands long ago.
I still hear your voice in the wind as it blows.
But there’s no point to live, if I can’t see your smile again.

My memories of you, they seem so far away.
Mentally marred by the loss I can’t face.
I opened my heart, the you closed the door and you sealed my fate.

If this isn’t love, I’ve nothing left to say.
Just pull the trigger and Send Me On My Way.

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